comming soon:
August Major Update!


---Server Side---

Dungeons: It is time to show off Madland's Dungeon System.

5 More Hunting Areas: for Medium Adventurers.

3 More Hunting Areas: for Advanced Adventurers.

Advanced Hunting Areas: Environtment against you!, you must face it and overcome it, every advanced hunting area will have their unique strategy to survive.

Day-Night Creatures: those monsters will spawn depending to The Game's Clock

Monster Bosses: Every Hunting Area(Existing or New) will contain it own special boss, unique items included.

Dynamic Boss Combats: Won't be that easy, you must to find out their weaknesses and take advantage of it.

Rework to Pet System: according to current Monster's schema (by Grades).

Rework to the following monsters: Cyclops, Valkyria, Behemoth, Destroyers , Continental Order's Members (Royal,Glorious,Arid), whole demon race, Acromantulas (Not Mineral Acromantulas), and Hydras (according to current Monster's schema).

---Client Side---

Background Music: Most part of Hunting Areas are silent, it is time to change that.

Sound Effects: Will be a sound on every Adventurer/Monster's casting (Spells if you will...).

Skills(ctrl+s): Rework to this window, we have to visually include the newest game skills (ps: you are already able to advance on mining/chemistry/etc, but you are not able to watch your progression on those skills.).

Background Music: Most part of Hunting Areas are silent, it is time to change that.


PS: More features will be added later.



Game Information:

Clock: 9:45:31


PvP: Lvl 1

Exp Rate: x1

Skill Rate: x1

Death Penalty: x1

World Type: Open Map

Genre: MMO-RPG / Fantasy / Exploration / PvP-PvE / Grinding